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Worst customer service ever experienced today at Macquarie sportscraft. Two sales assistant working, one helping a customer in the store, the other one who is the store manager, was talking to a lady who came in to hand in her resume at the counter.

I was standing at the counter ready to pay. After more than five minutes of chatting the lady who came with the resume leaves. Tha sale assistant/store manager turns her back to me and starts filling the paperwork, ignoring me. When she was done she leaves the counter and joins the other sales assistant who was helping the customers.

She then realised that I was waiting for her to be served. Worst customer service ever , how can you not see a customer standing at the counter!.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sportscraft Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Sportscraft in Sydney, New South Wales - Simple Review #1429594615

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Tried to exchange XS top for S the day after purchase they did not have a replacement and when they refunded me told me I could not reclaim my $20 birthday loyalty card to purchase something else as it has been used even though I still wanted to purchase a replacement ? T And C do not mention this so where does this loyal customer stand ?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Sportscraft in Austin, Texas - Got a FAMILY Christmas gift, which fell apart in 2 weeks


Got our family A FAMILY CHRISTMAS GIFT, a Sportscraft Foosball table that LITERARILY lasted 2 WEEKS from assembly to it becoming BITS AND PIECES.

The company's website has been under construction FOREVER and I have written to EVERY executive I found contact info for. NO RESPONSE! Voicemails and more, AND AM STILL BEING IGNORED!

See letter below for more details:

From: zilveti@hotmail.comTo: mnally@sportcraft.comCC:;; kkopec@sportcraft.comSubject: FrustratedDate: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 16:29:51 -0600

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am sorry to bother ANY of you as I am aware of how busy your lives must be and how a simple consumer isn't what fills your day, but bigger and better things, but I was a bit frustrated with my most recent purchase of a Sportcraft foosball table, but have encountered a WALL while trying to reach your company OVER AND OVER now leaving me with a VERY POOR image of Sportcraft. Not only is your website under construction and has been for over a month, but nowI cannot get a simple email to reach Mr. Nally.

I trust at least one of you can help me. And please be aware I do have the pictures,but am not attaching them to try to avoid errors.



Beatriz Zilveti

From: zilveti@hotmail.comTo: mnally@sportcraft.comSubject: FrustratedDate: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 12:24:50 -0600

Dear Mr. Nally,

I am writing to you VERY FRUSTRATED with the quality of Sportcraft's products.

The last 2 years have been horrible for our family and this last Christmas we puled together and got a Foosball table my kids have been wanting, we definitely thought this could be the breaking point for us to have fun together and not think about all the things we used to be able to do when both my husband and I had jobs, but to focus on the blessing of having our family together thru all the trials and tribulations we have lived, so far. Just assembling it was a "family project" on its own, and then THE FUN BEGUN....OR SO WE THOUGHT. NOT EVEN 2 weeks of SELDOM use and we began to see that the "metal rods" that hold the players together are not all that straight, but thought maybe we were wrong. Well, by a week later one of the sides had fallen apart!!

Absurd as it may sound, a table that cost us almost $200 was ready to go in the trash BEFORE I had even registered the product!!! Proceeded to go online and for A MONTH the website has been UNDER CONSTRUCTION, REALLY??? I am sorry to be so frustrated, but THIS IS JUST NOT WHAT WE EXPECTED when we pulled in together to get a family Christmas gift. We could have spent a lot less and enjoyed it longer, we just wanted something that would last and I still believe Sportcraft WILL stand behind its product.

Please understand its nothing personal,as the mom I want the best for my kids, and I thought THAT was what I was getting. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter and do no hesitate to contact me on my mobile (512)983-xxxx, anytime!


Beatriz Zilveti

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